Writer / Director / Producer

chase burton

Raised in southern California during the digital filmmaking boom, Chase began collaborating on video projects with his older brother, Terry, a skilled sound engineer. A lifelong fascination with filmmaking would lead to living in Australia for one year where Chase studied film history & film theory. Chase earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema & Television Arts from California State University, Northridge with an emphasis on cinematography and screenwriting. Photographing the Waorani in the jungles of Ecuador, filming deaf children in Jamaica, writing screenplays while backpacking across Europe, and creating an ADWAS documentary on violence against women opened Chase’s eyes to the meaningful kind of films he wanted to create. Today, Chase is writing a slate of films and television series inspired by the thoughtful and visual films he grew up with.

The Burtonmotion Pictures mission

We are committed to creating visual-audio-sensory cinematic experiences. With an emphasis on mind-bending visuals and sound that you can feel, our stories will appeal to international audiences and diverse moviegoers. Burtonmotion Pictures is joining the effort to create imaginative stories for the evolving landscape of film & television.

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